Drawings/Merry Christmas

I draw a lot: Above you can see a few of my drawings I have in my sketch book. All of them is from this autumn. I think I made the first one during or after the inspirational Lucy McRae-lecture we had during Experience Technology. She's doing some pretty awesome work.

The second and third is just things that came out from the pencil during random lectures. The fourth is an illustration describing the weather, as well as my mood, during November this year. I feel better now, luckily. I find it easier to listen if I keep my hands busy at the same time. Therefor my lecture-notes rarely includes a lot of words.

It's christmas brake & soon a new year: I have a really hard time to adjust to all the free time. My body thinks it has to sleep for five hours and then get up and start to work again. Well. No work for me until January. I'm going to concentrate on catching up with my friends. Looking forward to it, big time. New years eve looks like it's gonna be a blast as well. A perfect ending of the best year of my life, so far. Hopefully 2010 will kick even more ass. Now I'm gonna take a christmas walk with the girl next door.

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