About the drawing: It is made as a school assignment we got three-four weeks ago. The task was to choose a typography artist, an illustrator or designer and create our own piece inspired by the style. One requirement was that it should have a christmas theme. I chose Noumeda Carbone. I wanted someone that are drawing the noodle-like design I used for the hair. I see it everywhere these days and I felt like this was a perfect opportunity to take some time and try it out myself.

About my day and the weekend: When I woke up today I thought to myself "Today will be the first time I miss a deadline since I started at hyper, that sucks". I was totally convinced that there was no way I would be ready with everything by five. I had to digitalize my drawing (the one seen above), as well as finishing a web design and a case movie for a group assignment. I started as soon as I got to hyper and as I got further during the day without any hard drive collapses or mental breakdowns, I started to feel hope.

At 1530 I could start to render the final touches in After Effects and I even had time to visit the "glöggmys" the hyper staff had put together for us. Alcohol free as usual, kind of boring, but I think it was good since most of my fellow students attended the Hyper Island X-mas Party this Saturday. May be a good idea to let our heads rest a couple of days before we start again. It was really fun with good music and unforgettable stories (which I'm not going to share here). 

About my mind right now: I'm so thankful for my mac, my old PC would never make it through a day like this. Once you go mac, you never go back. I believe it more and more each day. I'm also thankful for my friends, that you don't give up on be despite the fact that I rarely have time to meet you because of all my work. You're the best friends a digital media-addicted girl can have.

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