The 2009 sum up.

I usually do a sum up with pictures. Unfortunately, the photos from January-August of 2009 is stuck inside my old PC. So I'm using a lot of text this year. Enjoy my 2009 adventure;

"Work, work work"
I worked my ass off for a crappy salary at McDonalds and dreamed of doing something I really enjoy.
I did some work as a photographer in the weekends. Sadly the employer didn't want to keep me there (at the photo-place). Our last conversation went something like this:
The boss: "Sorry, we can't keep you here since you don't have any previous experience as a photographer"
Me: "But I studied photo and film for three years"
The boss: "No, our clients don't care about education"
Me: "They're buying my photos every day. Obviously I'm doing better than a lot of the more experienced persons here"
The boss: "Mmm... still, no"
At least I had the work at McD, so I didn't have to be poor. Instead I started to look for schools to apply for.


"Omg, we're starting to get too old to be called teenagers!"
I turned 20 and had an awesome birthday party at my parents place.
Went to Berlin, oh my god what an amazing city. I fell in love with it already at the first day. We did a lot of tourist-stuff and ate so much good and cheap food. I'm definitely going back there during 2010. Photo from the party by Linn Johansen. 

"I'm skiing in stöten and I'm GOOD AT IT!"
I went on a ski trip to stöten with some friends. Actually I was bad at skiing, I even had to take lessons to enjoy the slopes, I wonder why I posted the opposite statement on facebook. Probably failed to be ironic. 

"Work all night, sleep all day. 3,5's in the sun is good in the afternoons in the springtime"
Worked a lot of nights at McD to make more money. In return, I could hang out with my friends in the afternoons and also got to know some new people that turned out to become really good friends to keep ("3,5's" as we say in Sweden, is beer with 3,5 percent of alcohol).
I also applied to Hyper Island and crashed my mothers car. 

"I got in to Mediaskolan!"
I got accepted as a Digital Design student at Mediaskolan (translation: "The Media School") here in Stockholm. When I got accepted to the admission days at Hyper Island too, I started to get my hopes up for a good autumn. May also gave me a sneak peak of the summer heat with many late night barbecue parties at different locations here in Stockholm, always together with Lina. Perfect month. 


"Today: New camera. Tomorrow: Admission days at Hyper Island"
I hosted a Midsummer's eve party with strawberry cake, Swedish flags and barbecue in the rain. I think I stayed at my parents place a lot, since the have a balcony and I didn't at the time. Photo by Linn Johansen. 


"The fourteen day long-party...yess!"
I got accepted to Hyper Island and therefor I decided to quit my day job. When I told my boss, he said "Well, I expected this. The gossip around here, you know", It was kind of an anti-climax. The photo is captured around 07am in the morning, on my way home from my last night at work. I was one happy girl. Jennifer, holding my cellphone, was also happy; she had just spent half of her salary on a jacket from Acne.
Then I went to Arvika- and Hulstfredfestivalen and met some more good friends and fell in love with The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and Regina Spektor. I experienced Depeche Mode live, awesome!
Zarah's 20th birthday was celebrated at least three times; in a park, at F12 and at a party in Old Town with a cake shaped like a bitten off-penis. Crazy weeks.


"First day at Hyper"
So I finally started to study at Hyper Island. Had an intense first month with a UGL-course, team building and a Hyper Island kick off-cruise. I realized that I'm really bad at remembering names when I have to learn 100 at the same time.
I also got my beloved MacBook Pro, my first tattoo and started to use twitter.


"Moving my stuff back to my parents place. How is it possible that I have SEVENTEEN moving boxes with crap!?"
I continued to discover digital media and started to use skype on a daily basis. We had motion week in school and I learned how to work with After Effects.
I saw Inglorious Basterds and I was not disappointed, Tarantino knows how to make movies.
I broke up with my boyfriend, for a lot of different reasons. Therefor I moved back in with my parents, which is cheap and handy while I'm studying.
At the same time I kind of fell in love with a new guy, but when I realized that was the case, it was too late to do something about it, sadly enough.


"My jeans are getting more and more torn every hour. I'm so ready for the punk show tonight."
We Experienced Technology at Hyper Island. I wasn't the only working late hours and I heard the expression "Hyper Island spells Lack of sleep" from Linn, who's not even a Hyper student. In exchange, I got to know my class better and the exhibition that finished off the project went better than we expected.
October was also the month when I rediscovered punk thanks to my friends in Stiffy Jones.
Jimmy Choo's collection for H&M was released and I decided to boycott it because the shoes wasn't available in my size.
Ulf Malmros also revealed a new masterpiece; Bröllopsfotografen. The best swedish movie ever made.


"The question "What is Google Wave?" is starting to get as hilarious as the question "What is an iPhone?". (btw, I have invites left if anyone still needs one)"
Google Wave struck for real.
We worked with Concept & Development in school. I worked with the best group so far and learned a huge amount of new things. The presentation went super and the feedback we got from Thomas Seo and the other "judges" was better than we ever could have imagined.
On facebook, I experienced the most annoying application ever; stalker lists.
November was also the month when we celebrated Lina, I painted a pair of converse with pretty things and gave to her.
We also had the first Hyper Bar at Landet.
Then DM10 left for their internships, Hyper felt empty but Gro took the opportunity to gather the troops and clean out the kitchen once and for all. It made a huge difference.


"OMG It's like 30-50cm of snow in my front yard. O___O I hope I can open the front door tomorrow."
December came with snow and I had the first white Christmas since... I can't even remember that I had a white Christmas. Ever.
Before Christmas eve I went to London with Jocke and went totally shopaholic. Felt so good.
December also gave us a lot of work at Hyper and we ended up working with three different modules at the same time, and we pulled off an epic Hyper X-mas party. Great class/school.
I managed to fit five moving boxes of clothes into a tiny wardrobe at Zarah's place. She was so grateful she let me have a Fornarina-dress. 

Top five happenings this year:
1. I'm single!
2. Started at Hyper Island!
3. Discovered that once you go mac, you never go back.
4. Arvikafestivalen.
5. Fell in love with Berlin.

As I say good bye to 2009, I (hopefully) say good bye to PC's, boring jobs, bad relationships and ugly shoes. If you read through all this, I'm really impressed, kisses to you!

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Magdalena sa...

Harlig summering, jag blev inspirerad att gora en likadan nu!

Jennifer sa...

I actually managed (despite my usually crappy attention to this kinda things) to read every single word of the great summary of yours.
LOVE IT. Next time Im coming with you to London. See you at my place next week, Im making curries! xoxo