My summer internship at Björn Borg

Time for an update!
As you might know, I have been on a summer brake from Hyper Island for three weeks now. The last project we had was a really good one, we were supposed to work as real agencies in groups of ten. I felt that all the hard work I have been putting in to Hyper finally paid off and I realized how much I have learned during this first year at the school.

I thought being on summer vacation would suck because I couldn't find a fun summer job, but I soon got a call from Björn Borg. They wanted me to come and do a summer internship for them. I had all ready been on an interview and I got really good vibes from the place so I accepted without any hesitations.

I have been an intern at their underwear division for almost two weeks now and I have to say, it is so much more fun than I dared to hope for. I got to do real work assignments from day (hour) one and I learn so many new things every day. The best thing of all is that I spend most of my days doing illustrations, which I love.

So even though I am not working with marketing/PR/advertising (what is those things we do in school called? everybody says something different) this summer I am learning a lot as a designer and about myself in a real working environment, which I definitely will have use for in the future. And I'm only 21, it's too early to decide what I want to be. At least I feel like I am in the right field, which is great.

Need to go to sleep now. But first; check out the view from the Björn Borg-office in Skrapan in Stockholm. I can see the entire city and surrounding suburbs during the days.

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Waow! Så kul att läsa, intressant att förstå vad du pysslar med.
Kram! Ma!