I'm on the edge of signing an internship. IN ANOTHER CITY! I don't want to say where it is until it's settled, so you will have to wait a bit before you find out but I can say that I am SO EXITED! It feels a bit sad to move away from Sthlm though, the last six months I have realized that I do like this city. A lot. However, it is time for me to try on something new. New things are good.

The 3D-project was harder than we expected it to be so I haven't got as far as I would have wanted to by now. But I do know the basics of 3D-modeling, and I am going to continue with this on my spare time.

The photo above is from this weekend, taken in Sthlm of course, I'm trying to make the most of my last weeks here. Photographer is Sissel, check out her blog and more photos here.

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