Moving out & moving in

I am in Gothenburg. It's cold as HELL but I'm trying not to complain, if it has to be winter it should be winter for REAL. I moved out of my first home in this city today and now I've been living in my second home for a few hours. It's really cozy and in less than three weeks I will be moving in to an apartment that will be my own! Well, almost my own. I am going to rent it but I will be living by my own for the very first time. There will be No boyfriend complaining about me having too many shampoo-bottles in the bathroom or what kind of butter I buy. There will be No parents telling me how to do the dishes. There will be no one to tell me how to season my pasta. It is going to be My stuff and My way. I am so looking forward to it.

Also I'm thinking about writing in swedish instead. I write in english here just to get some exercise but I don't think it helps a lot. Well, gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow is the last day of my first week as a Bobby-intern.

Stay posted. Frequent updates are planned.



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