2010 - Hänga runt, glida runt, låna pengar.

Finally. You better read this, it's mostly in English. I didn't know how to translate some things. As you may notice I got bored towards the end. Whatever.

To celebrate I made a new header and added some yellow color to the blog instead of honeysuckle. I don't know if I like it yet. Drop a comment if you have any opinions about it.

Now! Read and watch, I think all the photos are new to the internet:

2010 started off just fine: I finally got my iPhone. As if that wasn't enough I also went to London with people from my class and looked at cultural stuff such as museums, night clubs, cafes, graffiti, pubs and Primark.
Back in Sthlm we (my class) started to work with our class project and in my spare time I was looking for an apartment to buy (which I did not find).
Favorite tweet/fb-update from January: "Best quote of the London trip, from random guy in car: YOU ALL LOOK THE SAME! #swedishadvertisingstudents"
Favorite partynight: The electro/dubstep club in London.

I turned 21 and got myself a pair of JS winged as a birthday present. I also got my wacom and was hanging out in school a LOT, this was the month of the whiteboard animation. It was okay though since I had an amazing team to work with. The only thing getting in our way was the never-ending snow chaos preventing us from getting from our homes to Telefonplan.
Snow chaos wasn't the only thing taking us by storm though, the Old Spice guy came along and found a place in most people's hearts.
Best from twitter: "Someone is stuck in the dishwasher at hyper."
Drunkest night: Odell's birthday party at the end of February.

March turned out to be the month of one of the best and most important events of 2011: I met Jakob for the first time in two years and he introduced me to his soon-to-be-roomie, Robin S. I could never imagine how much crazy and fun stuff we would do to together or that I would count them both to my closest friends a couple of months later. Love you, guys!
Other than that I got my first tumblr-crushes and I was drawing a lot. Me, Robin Å and Emelie J took care of the photos for our upcoming class gallery. The weather still sucked and lots of good partying took place.
Best partynight: The cloudania launch at bruno and SMK live at Strand, the same night!
Craziest night: The night before the morning when I woke up in Saltsjöbaden.

Spring finally came along together with one of the best briefs I've got from Hyper Island. At the same time my entire class was working on the finalization of our class marketing-project and we spent a lot of time in school, as usual. Me and Linnea L took care of the entire making of the invitationfilm for the Whydeo-party. I think that was one of the most fun things I've done at Hyper. It did not stop me from spending a lot of time outside though.
Best hangout: Rålis by Jocke and Robin Å, including my newfound friends from stureby as well as a whole lot of ppl from Dm11.
Best afterparty: At Nilssons place after seeing Dr. Bombay live at 90's, doing shots until seven o'clock in the morning, waking up a couple of hours later and did some drunk shopping together with Lina.

The time finally came to launch our dear class project, Whydeo. The party was a blast and I'm really sad that I don't have any photos of my outfit that night, it was awesome.
I also got the opportunity to see LADY GAGA live! It was amazing and I can't thank Zarah & Denise enough for bringing me along for the concert. It was amazing.
It was also time to present the result of a super-fun brief we got in April but I got sick the last week and got completely ditched by the client and I thought about leaving Hyper never to return, it was a really bad time. Lucky enough I didn't and the next project started off as good as it could with a great group and Norrlands Guld as a client!
The weather was great most of the time. It was even warm enough to wear skirts and shorts.
Heaviest crush: Lady Gaga.
Bästa Lost-spoilern: "Man tror att man drar upp Jack från ett hål i underjorden... så är det Desmond"

Outdoorparty, houseparty, parkparty, tentparty, end-of-semesterparty, birthdayparty, weddingparty, sausagefest, midsummerparty, clubparty... I got a summerinternship at Björn Borg and my group won a pitch in school. June was AWESOME. I think I met Hussein here somewhere, and Janne coined Bärs & Magi.
Bästa grejen som någon blev sur på, på riktigt: "Man säger att man är från Stockholm, så är man från Märsta"
Best re-run from 2009: We celebrated Zarah's birthday for three days straight again.

July was all about the heat (30+ degrees WHATS UP!?), my internship and Kent. Everyone was listening to Kent. Me too for once. I went to svartklubbar, met Sebastian Boers, went for nightly swims in different lakes and mälaren and I went to Båstad to meet my childhood friends Johan and Gabriella. It was great to meet them again after two or three years and realize that we still could hang out and have a great time together. Sadly I could only stay for a weekend before I had to go back to Sthlm to prepare for the next adventure; Emmabodafestivalen.
Best bar-moment: When Zarah ordered "Three beers" and got the largest umbrella-drinks I've ever seen.
Best buy: A pair of high heels I have wanted for months but thought they were too expensive. Finally found them on sale.

August kicked off pretty hard with Emmabodafestivalen where I met Freja, Elna, Saul, Mikkel and Dana, just to name a few epic people.
Back in the city I worked my last weeks at Björn Borg and had a really sad good bye-fika. I can honestly say that the internship made the summer of 2010 to the best one yet.
There was no time to get separation anxiety though, school started and it was time to meet my lovely class again.
I experienced the best after party of all times when Freja came to visit Sthlm. Details are overrated, you just need to know that it was epic and that we met deer six o'clock in the morning and that it included homecooked brunch by Jakob.
Something that was not so epic was that Pernilla and Teo decided to leave Sthlm for Kalmar and Paris so we had a kräftskiva as a good bye party all the way out in Hässelby villastad.
I also got my Facebook account disabled for around 24 hour because of... well, nobody knows. I got it back, that's what's important.
Most epic meal: Sushi with GOLD on it!
Best drink: Fanta & Rosé

Oh September, you almost killed me. It was crazy, party almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I went to Kalmar to visit Pernilla, it was great. Kalmar is a really nice little city. It was also time for election in this beautiful country of ours, which was a big fail and no one knows who won. All the clubs in Sthlm had end-of-the-summer-closingparties. One more overrated than the next.
Biggest fail: I fell on the dancefloor of the Hi!Fest, dragged Jocke with me, cut my hand and got a scar that won't go away.

- International suit up-day was a fucking success.
- I decided to move from Sthlm, to Gothenburg, after several different internship-interviews. I simply trusted my gut-feeling and so far, so good.
- I kissed the hottest persons (boys & girl) I know.
- The good bye-weekend in Sthlm was... great. Already blogged about that though.
- A friend of my fell in to the water outside of Strand. Then she and another friend threw up on a Porsche.
- Best facebookgroup of 2010: SUPA MED BRUDAR.
- Bästa nya begrepp: Att Sleva and Bärs & Magi.
- Lina Ivarsson started to drink beer again, after a long time only sticking to drinks and cider.
- Best homecooked meal-award goes to Zarah Fager.
- I got to know Kajsa and Andy, who were kind enough to let me stay at their place during my first weeks in Gbg. It saved me.
- I have to mention Hellströms. Best pre-party bar of 2010 I believe. Or at least, the one I visited most often.
- Best tattoos; Calle and Patrik made Bärs & Magi-tattoos for Linas birthday. Insane!

Thank you Tallkrogen, Stureby, Skärmarbrink, Hässelby, Blackan, Nacka, Hägersten/Telefonplan, Västra skogen, Trångsund and of course: Horan, Mariatorget, Medis, Slussen, hela Södermalm & Sthlm's innerstad, THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME YEAR!

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Freja sa...

MAH! Fet round up! Jag är fan smickrad över att vara omnämnd och Du, Tack för ett fett 2010! Det fetaste med 2010 är att 2011 om möjligt kommer bli ännu mer epic!
Massa kärlek och du är så himla efterlängtad!
Puss! <3

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Hannah W sa...

YOU are epic, girls!