Kattegoja at the Masquerade

Kattegoja is an animal that is a mix between parrot and cat (the word is a mix between the swedish words for the animals, katt och papegoja) that my friends Robin and Elin talked about at a pre-party a couple of weeks ago. This, however, is not a Kattegoja. This is a parrot going to a masquerade, dressed up as a Kattegoja with a cat mask, paw slippers and a tied-on tail. ALL READY TO GET THE PARTY STARTED!

I know I didn't keep my promise about titty tuesday-illustrations during the summer. I'm sorry, I had more important stuff to do. I did my first illustration-freelance, and of course I also did all sorts of wonderful stupid summer-stuff, like fall in love with an asshole or two, have amazing one night stands and get my heart broken. All while drinking, dancing and partying basically all the time. It was a great summer.

Love, Hannah

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