This is simply my blog where I post whatever I want. Most of the time that means illustrations I've made and stuff that's going on in my life.

Right now I'm posting daily stuff such as what I'm having for lunch/dinner, what my nails look like, what my drinks look like etc. on Instagram, there I am known as hanney. If you don't have instagram but are interested in that part of my life you can also subscribe to my flickr-stream, where all my instagrams are uploaded as well.

So who am I?
My name is Hannah and I am a creative young woman who loves advertising, clothes, shoes, drinks, most of my friends, the summer, internet, youtube, guys (yes I'm single and open for suggestions) and lots of other stuff. I am born and raised in Stockholm but right now I live in Gothenburg, spending my days as a designer at CP+B. How I spend my night varies a lot, from rockstar-ish to nerdy svennebanan-life (but you will never, ever, find me watching the eurovision songcontest or the finals of idol).

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This is a personal blog and statements here are my personal beliefs and opinions and are not reflective of my place of employment, the people I hang out with or my family.